June 24, 2022
1 Year, 2 months and 1 Day left
until our celebration.
Good Afternoon Family,
I pray that this update finds all of you well, safe and Healthy.
I wanted to updated everyone regarding the family reunion which was scheduled for June 2021.
I am sad to report that due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and continued spread of this virus as well as other related Covid-19 viruses  reported,  the Buffalo family has decided to cancelled the Family reunion for 2021.
Our decision is based on the following information:
1.  The continued spread of the virus as well as other strings  of the COVID-19 spread virus in our country.
2.  The Banquet room has advised us that they can only accommodate 50 people and we would still have to social distance.
3.    The park to date has told us that they will not accept anymore reservations.  We made our reservations last year,  however they are not sure what the guidelines will  be if we are even allowed to enter.  That information will not be    available until late spring or early summer.  I was also told that even if we go to the park we would have to have a  Social Distance Plan, and Masks must be worn.
4.    There are concerns about plane travel 
5.     Everyone will not have access to the vaccine until late summer or early Fall. 
With that said the CDC continues to warn about Social gatherings for anyone  that is not part of your immediate household.
Our heart is heavy,  but we also feel  that it is in the best interest of the families safety to move the Family reunion out until it is safe for everyone.  
We haved moved the dates to  the weekend of June 24-26, 2022.
Please pass this information along to your respective family members.
Cousin Cookie
and The Buffalo Family
Family members pictured above, from left to right:  Emma (Patton) Mosley, Buris (Mosley) Hinson, Robert Campbell Sr.,  Annie Pearl (Mosley) Sutton, Walter B. Morris Sr., Velma (Mosley) Wilson,  Emma (Mosley) Collins Brown, the Patton Sons (Theodore, Jesse, John, Ernest, Wille, and Calvin,) and Sallie (Webb) Brayboy.
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